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Nothing Like It

We believe in providing pure and true entertainment to our audiences, as we see the value in great performances. Our goal is to bring people together for a show unlike anything they have ever seen before. Do you want to get in on the action? Purchase your tickets today for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Brandon Thorne- Voice of Alan Godwin, Chorus,  The Apartments, Joe At Least I Can Dance Brandon is an actor with a lot of experience of poor mental health, whether his own or those close to him. These experiences lead him to start making performance pieces in hopes to raise awareness and understanding of the struggles many face due to their mental health. 

Brandon Thorne

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Sharon Trotter- Phyllis, The Apartments, Lottie, At Least I Can Dance Sharon usually appears with Woodhouse Players Leytonstone, Network Theatre and other East London Drama groups.  She trained at City Lit and is delighted to be supporting new writing with Bird Mouth Collective

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Avi Mendelson- Eddie The Apartments, Linda’s Ex- At Least I Can Dance Avi Mendelson is an Angeleno turned Londoner who makes theatre and writes essays. His recent theatre credits include Headlines (Arcola Theatre), The Pleasure of Your Bedlam (also Arcola), and The Bacchae (Tower Theatre); much of his work is energised by a belief that theatre can provide crucial communities for those interested in the topic of mental health. Avi also has expertise in the study of English Renaissance drama, and he enjoys working with actors dramaturgically to illuminate the history and culture in which older plays are embedded.

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Laura Lamas, Chorus, The Apartments, Therapist, At Least I Can Dance Laura Lamas was born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1981. She has been living and working in London, UK, since 2012. She was a teacher in arts education in Portugal. She is an autism specialist drama teacher, an educator, observer and communicator, appreciator of others' sense of humour  passionate about people, director, performer, and storyteller.

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Andrew Neil Carpenter-  Writer/Performer  Prologue Poem Clowns, and Scene change poem Swans  Chorus The Apartments, Dresser, Benefit Consultant 3, Victorian Doctor 3, Dancer, At Least I Can Dance Andrew has been a poet and short story writer for as long as he can remember. He has been published in Under the Fable and on the Culture Cult imprint, although his work most often appears on Facebook, where there are two Andrew Neil Carpenters, and he is both of them. He started indulging in performance several years ago for reasons that remain unclear, and has since been seen regularly at Poetry Mondays in Hackney, the Lantern Society in Farringdon, with the Rrrants Collective at various locations around London.

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Verity Rowsell -  Playwright, The Apartments  Verity is a performance artist, poet and architect living and working in South East London. With a background in theatre arts, Verity has a particular interest in performance poetry and has been regularly performing at the prestigious ‘Poetry Mondays’ events in Hackney since 2020. Her poetry explores themes of memory, nature, city life, loss and the complexities of human experience. She is currently studying Creative Writing and English at Birkbeck, University of London, alongside running her own architectural practice based in Deptfort.

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News from Vauxhall

At The Hope Theatre

February 25th & 26th Bird Mouth Collective is super excited to bring their full show News From Vauxhall to The Hope Theatre in Islington! 

News From Vauxhall by Bird Mouth Collective Inspired by a ten- year series of prolific, poetic, and philosophic notes by writer and Vauxhall resident,  Alan Alphie  Pritchard, Bird Mouth Collective, will deep dive into various aspects of the writer’s mind in their newly devised work,  News from Vauxhall.

Expect great story telling, physical theatre, puppetry and even tango dancing on a wild Odyssey- like trip through London’s dark back streets, mysterious underground clubs and abandoned cinemas.

The show is as hilarious and satirical is as it is poignant and haunting.

It is part farce, part illusion and part fantasy with a lot of questioning of reality, flipping the middle finger at greed and examining the myths and absurdities that keep the city ticking.

Performers rapidly and surreally change characters and locations from moment to moment undressing literally and figuratively before audiences eyes. Expect to see noir like detectives who travel foggy streets in a search for truth and meaning, Victorian prostitutes condemning  “history in all its manifest horror”, an overbearing demigod  boss accompanied by office workers creating commercials about life in “boxes”  and a sultry chanteuse singer/poet who believes London looks “nostalgic in the dark, where myths still embrace enchantment.” at a smoky underground club, called The  Radiant Cool.

While various aspects of the writer’s voice bring these farcical, absurdist, grotesque characters to life, they also wrestle with them in moving soliloquies, where they are visited by repeated vivid memories of a horrifying train explosion and the loss of a friend,  where they are battling a gripping depression coupled with a passionate desire to stand up for a fair and equitable world.

 Anticipate a roller coaster ride of emotions, a raucous-wild ride of both laughter and hearbreaking London stories in Bird Mouth Collective’s newly devised and powerful show, News From Vauxhall.

Directed by Anca Nana Vaida

With prolific performances by:

Alain English

Michelle Hanks

Buddleia Maslen

Virginia Brito

Past Events :Bird Mouth Collective presented a double bill at the 2022 Camden Fringe! 

The Apartments by Verity Rowsell & At Least I Can Dance by Michelle Hanks debuted in a double bill at the 2022 Camden Fringe at Etcetera Theatre as well as at Babel Arts Cafe in Stoke Newington. 

 Bird Mouth Collective mixed a surreal, satirical , funny, emotional and poignant punch with their two short plays involving relationships, gender inequality, mental health, grief, heartbreak and capitalism within the benefit system.

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